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Enterprise pipeline platform provides secure, role-based access and analysis of facility data, and advanced risk and integrity management from anywhere in the organization.

The immense size and complexity of pipeline data assets have made it difficult for pipeline operators to easily access, analyze and report on facility and integrity data in a timely manner. Facility Explorer solves these data analysis, access and distribution issues by providing a secure, enterprise pipeline platform that empowers employees to perform queries, view documents, run analyses, and edit the entire range of pipeline system data from one common data source from the office or out in the field.

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Facility Explorer is the pipeline industry's most advanced integrated platform for the access and analysis of facility and integrity data. The new platform bridges the gap at pipeline operators, providing access to data and analysis tools in one seamless environment, including: HCA and in-line inspection surveys; alignment and integrity sheets; pipeline feature editing; standard and custom reports.

FE iconIntuitive Interface

The platform's interface uses familiar pipeline terms, symbols and corporate standards allowing for quick adoption and immediate results from all levels of users. Intuitive navigation tools, advanced searching menus and interactive task workflows provide users with a clean, simple interface, while multiple map backgrounds, layers and operational maps highlight data allowing for focused work.

FE iconFlexible Feature Display

Customize how pipeline feature's fields are displayed, sorted, grouped or filtered to easily pinpoint information. Immediately differentiate features that are on or off the pipeline and zoom to particular features with a click of a button. Display feature attribute information multiple ways and easily determine features containing attached documents and/or pipeline connections which are opened with ease. Measure length or area and display the results in a variety of provided display units.

FE iconSeamless Collaboration

Facility Explorer provides exceptional tools to create markups with a variety of customizable settings for size, type, fill and color. These markups are a great way to rapidly define notes and areas of interest. Insert a text, point, line or polygonal annotation and/or create buffers around selected features for analysis. All of these markups may be shared with others within your organization to expedite the communication process.

FE iconCutting Edge Technology

Based on Esri ArcGIS Server, Facility Explorer provides users a secure login to the latest pipeline facility data. Enhance standard functionality with additional custom re ports, geoprocessing services and online services. The platform may be installed locally or hosted at GeoFields data center.

FE iconExtensive Data Search and Selection

Turn data into information quickly and easily. Facility Explorer provides multiple ways to search and select data within the application. Using pre-defined forms to find addresses and locations, or the advanced querying functionality to locate any pipeline or feature information. Select data interactively via the map or by defining parameters. Utilize the included geoprocessing service or add more to suit your organization’s customized needs.

FE iconAdvanced Data Sharing

Allow users to easily disseminate information to others. Bookmarks save map extents and inserted markups for public exposure. Reports share high level or drilled-down information about the system. The application comes with several standard reports to use along with the ability to create simple or complex relational and/or spatial custom reports via a wizard. Export features to shapefiles to distribute data to GIS users or export the map using underlying template(s) to a variety of formats including PDF, TIFF, JPG and more.

FE iconWeb-Based Feature Editing

Edit existing online or offline features or add new online or offline features to a pipeline. Add and view associated documents, add and open attached maintenance records, and/or insert or edit comments associated with the feature. All of this functionality available within a web-based environment makes this functionality a powerful asset within your organization.

FE iconAdministrative Controls

The platform provides administrators with a simple interface that establishes granular permissions for all of the modules, across all users. Tools, views, data and reports are instantly available to approved users.