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Technology & Infrastructure

GeoFields pipeline data management technologies provide an industry-leading platform for sustainable asset data management, risk assessment, and integrity management programs.

Scalable Architecture

GeoFields software platform provides operators with a unified suite of applications that is fully integrated to address the diverse needs of the pipeline industry. Key elements of our solutions are a common data framework, consistent user interface (UI), and modular application components. The common data framework means that there is a single reference to which all data is related, whether it is stored within our architecture, or accessed from external sources. A consistent UI ensures that training is minimized and modularity means that operators have the ability to add new and swap out capabilities as their needs grow and change.

GeoFields development is focused on a common application platform that is deployed across many organizations and is configurable to specific user requirements. The collected user-base share the benefit of enhancements to the platform that continuously take place.

Dedicated Infrastructure

Our secure data center is the foundation for GeoFields application development and services and is key to maintaining a high level of productivity. Our sustained investment in this infrastructure ensures it is robust at the hardware, software and network level. Pipeline operators that choose to use our hosted applications gain the benefit of eliminating the details of managing and maintaining hardware so they can focus on running their business without sacrificing performancee.

By using duplicate top-of-the-line hardware and networking equipment in our data center for our own software development, we ensure the same proven reliability for our clients using hosted applications.