Collaborate and Report on Your Pipeline Asset Data 

Facility Explorer provides web-based interactive access, query and feature editing for pipeline data, documents and reports.

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Alignment Sheet Generation

DataFrame ASG is the industry's most robust pipeline sheet generator

Liquids HCA Analysis

Liquids release modeling for high consequence area impact determination.

Pipeline Data Maintenance

Manage and edit of core pipeline data through approval-based workflows.

icon Investigate ILI Runs

Analyze and identify critical pipeline defects from a range of internal and external inspection types. Plan DOT defect classifications and deliver detailed reports and dig sheets.

icon Determine Pipeline Risk

Design and run complex risk models using native tabular and spatial datasets, with various data integration techniques to ensure accurate interactive drill-down reporting.

icon Manage Pipeline Data

Manage and edit enterprise pipeline data within ArcGIS desktop. Perform operations such as reroutes, route calibration & refinements, and adding new lines using wizard-based workflows.

icon Support

From our knowledge base and down-loadable documentation to web-based training seminars, you have many options to get up to speed with GeoFields products.


Emerson Acquires GeoFields, Inc.

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