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Design and generate any type of pipeline sheet, including alignment, integrity and construction sheets. Create flexible, reusable templates configured to unlimited spatial data sources.

Design sheet templates with virtually unlimited flexibility and distribute them to users for batch sheet production projects or on-demand sheet generation. A library of sheet bands allows you to display your data in a wide variety of styles for any type of sheet from classic alignment sheets to construction, integrity and risk sheets. Symbology, graphic representation and labeling are amazingly flexible using the same powerful tools available in Esri's ArcGIS® suite. Press-quality sheet output is generated in batches or one at a time and is stored automatically in a centralized location on the server as a PDF format.

APR icon ESRI APR Support (UPDM, PODS 7)

DataFrame ASG supports ESRI APR data models, including UPDM, PODS 7, or custom APR implementations.

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The template design interface allows you to design sheets and share templates with the entire organization. The range of template designs are unlimited and can be designed to reproduce traditional sheets such as construction or as-built alignment sheets, or to develop new formats for risk and integrity analysis. Templates provide all the necessary elements for automated sheet generation including designing the sheet layout, configuring data sources, setting sheet scale and adding data-driven labels. Sheet bands are easily arranged on the page by simply dragging and dropping them to the layout.

DataFrame ASG icon Multiple Parallel Line Support

DataFrame ASG and Template Designer is built from the ground up to support systems with parallel pipelines in the same right of way. Flexibility exists to identify when data should only be drawn to a primary line or all displayed lines. Parallel pipelines are drawn adjacent to each other, allowing the users of the sheet output to see the whole picture and reduce the liability of impacting the incorrect line section.

DataFrame ASG icon Unlimited Symbology

Symbology and labeling are created and edited using powerful tools familiar to Esri ArcGIS users. Advanced classification and symbology options allow you to set ranges or symbols; vary symbol size, color and shape based on data properties (inlet diameter, pipe specification, age, condition and so on); and even display miniature data charts at points of interest on the sheet.

DataFrame ASG icon Rich Sheet Design

DataFrame™ ASG and Template Designer is flexible with unlimited variations in richly and precisely formatted sheet designs based on your needs. Sheets can be any size and can contain any number of bands with a large library of band types that are tailored to your specific needs. The band library includes formats that support risk assessment, integrity management, construction projects and pipeline route planning, among other formats designed to support pipeline business objectives. Get started quickly using professionally designed templates provided by GeoFields, or design your own specialized template formats.

DataFrame ASG iconIntegrated Sheet Index and Matchline Management

Maintaining the data that supports sheet generation, such as sheet indexes and matchline ranges, is simple using the Index Generator. Results are easily incorporated into the pipeline database for use throughout the company.

DataFrame ASG icon Production Proven

DataFrame ASG and Template Designer is the most flexible and powerful automated sheet generation solution available. For over decade, GeoFields has developed sheet generators that have met the needs of thousands of sheet users in many divisions of companies from pipeline operators to those managing railroad track and fiber optic networks. Today, DataFrame ASG and Template Designer offer users across the pipeline industry a comprehensive sheet design and production platform for everyone's needs.