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Streamline your data processing and cleaning so you can rely on your integrity management and asset management decisions.

GeoFields professional services group quickly aggregates your pipeline facility data into the format you require using our proven quality control process. Our expert analysts have captured, converted, migrated and integrated data for hundreds of thousands of miles of oil and gas pipelines, allowing operators to move from paper, CAD and legacy systems to their enterprise pipeline GIS.

Data Cleansing & Post-Processing

GeoFields data experts post-process your data ensuring it is clean, uncovering and repairing data gaps, overlaps and errors before it is loaded to the enterprise pipeline GIS. Properly cleansing or scrubbing your pipeline data before loading is crucial to achieving consistent, reliable results from your integrity management analyses. Detecting, correcting and removing corrupt or inaccurate records from a dataset lay the groundwork for a sound, defensible asset and integrity management program.

Data Integration

After all data scrubbing and post-processing work is complete, the improved data assets and additional datasets are integrated together providing users with a unified view of the data. Constant integration of facility data and risk assessment results is required for the continuous improvement of an integrity management program. This integration and continuous improvement of data assets improve decision making across the enterprise. GeoFields uses our own internal integration tools in addition to our own DataFrame Loader software application for integration of pipeline integrity and asset data.

In addition to our data processing and data integration services,
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