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APDM and PODS Pipeline Data Model Design and Consulting

GeoFields is a strong supporter of both Esri ArcGIS Pipeline Data Model (APDM) and Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS) and has been since their inception. Members of our staff have held various leadership positions in APDM and PODS organizations from the board of directors and steering committees to many technical committees over the past decade. This commitment combined with our domain experience of over 600,000 miles (1,000,000 kilometers) of pipeline data modeled and/or managed with GeoFields systems, we have the data model expertise that no other can match.

The decision of which data model to employ can be difficult for pipeline operators even knowing the many similarities and differences of the ADPM and PODS data models. One of the most important considerations is learning to focus less on the model and more on how the content is used by the many different data consumers. Understanding how the model will ultimately fit as part of the enterprise GIS and PIMS will help you avoid common pitfalls when choosing a model. In addition to providing APDM and PODS applications, we also offer needs assessments and consulting services to determine what data model configuration is the best fit for your organization.


APDM is a geodatabase pipeline data model that was designed, under the guidance of Esri, for storing information pertaining to features found in gathering and transmission pipelines. The model was designed to include a sampling of standard features typically found in 80 percent of pipeline companies, but was tailored to include current hot topic items such as integrity, pipe inspection, high-consequence areas, and risk analysis. In keeping with the spirit of other published Esri models, the APDM is not designed to be a comprehensive or all-encompassing model. Rather, the APDM was designed to be a template from which a pipeline operator would start with the core elements of the model, and modify the model by adding features or refining existing features.

APDM is intended to only use an Esri geodatabase for use with ArcGIS and ArcSDE products and will not function on any other platform. A significant difference in APDM is that it, unlike PODS, fully leverages the functionality of the Esri geodatabase not a typical relational database management system. Please contact us learn more about APDM.


The PODS model is an independent database modeling initiative applicable to gas and liquid gathering and transmission pipeline systems. PODS uses a typical relational database management system that is not natively spatially enabled, although operators and software companies typically spatially enable, it is not required. Please contact us learn more about PODS.

PODS Spatial

PODS Spatial is a PODS-compatible database model or extension that enables the PODS database to utilize proprietary spatial database technologies, an Esri geodatabase, to improve GIS integration with PODS. The PODS Esri Spatial model feature class names, attributes, etc. match the PODS Relational table names, attributes, etc. and the PODS Esri Spatial core tables are derived and consistent with APDM. Please contact us learn more about PODS Spatial.