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Gas HCA analysis and Class Location Services

Our experienced professional services group provides pipeline operators with an easy way to determine class location and High Consequence Area (HCA) segments along their entire pipeline system. We have successfully completed client HCA projects for hundreds of thousands of miles of pipeline and since use our own RiskFrame™ HCA software, we are a fast, efficient and cost effective value for operators that do not have the resources or time to get the job done in-house.

RF-HCA icon Audit Proven

Our HCA analyses and class location results we produce for operators directly support integrity management programs. These analyses and results have been used and proven in regulatory audits.

RF-HCA icon Project-Based Analysis and Archiving

Projects are customized by configuring analyses, including choosing the pipelines that are included in the analysis and the options for each type of HCA and class analysis. The analyses are delivered to the client, archived and managed for later access and review.

RF-HCA icon Change Comparison

We can compare any of your analysis to another analysis or to your company's proposed or official HCAs and class locations. The map and tabular output makes it easy to identify the reasons for change and see the extent of differences. From the comparison, you can propose segments for publishing to your official result set.

RF-HCA icon Structure Capture & Management

The structure dataset supports both class location and HCA analyses reducing the overhead of managing multiple datasets. Both point structures and area-based structures are recorded, and intermixed within the analysis and are delivered to you for integration into your enterprise GIS. Our analysts can edit structure datasets with your organization's aerial photography or a street map dataset and our quality workflows ensure data uniformity.

RF-HCA icon Custom Algorithms

Our large client-base over an extensive period of time has uncovered a wide range of approaches to HCA and class location analysis. In addition to using these approaches, we give you the ability to use a custom configured algorithms to fit with the way your organization has always defined classes and HCAs, and evolve those methods using new options.

RF-HCA icon Analysis & Reporting

Analyses take place on the finest level of detail, recording the impact of every structure on the results. We provide results that are summarized to aggregate segments with the map to allow for each review. The reports reveal the reasons for an instance of an HCA or class detection.