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Enterprise pipeline GIS needs assessment & planning

GeoFields provides pipeline operators implementing an enterprise data management system with an independent evaluation of existing processes, relationships and dependencies. Our dozens of successful oil and gas pipeline GIS and PIMS implementations makes us a great choice for companies looking for a comprehensive needs assessment study backed by industry experience.

Business Process Evaluation

Evaluating existing business process is a core component of a pipeline integrity system needs analysis. GeoFields documents key departmental and global operational processes, identifying areas for potential process improvements. This assessment, in conjunction with the personal interviews and data/software analysis, lay the foundation for final recommendations for your organization.

Stakeholder Interviews

To truly understand the needs and interdependencies of an organization, in-depth user and key stakeholder interviews are essential. GeoFields conducts individual, on-site interviews and user surveys to identify the actual and perceived application, data and geographic information requirements, workflows and interdepartmental interactions for different departments. In addition to finding current issues and deficiencies, stakeholder interviews show desired applications and system functionality that may be incorporated with future enhancements.

Data Analysis

A thorough assessment of relational and geospatial data features and attributes needed to support the intended GIS functionality is essential. GeoFields identifies and analyze data from multiple sources, data gaps and the ability of existing data to support your applications and your pipeline integrity management program.

GIS Mapping & Software Analysis

Evaluation of GIS mapping and related software applications currently in use are essential to the needs assessment. Leveraging our deep understanding of enterprise pipeline implementations and cutting-edge GIS technologies allows us to provide a realistic view of your company's current and future software capabilities.

Regulatory Requirements Compliance

Ensuring adherence to the strict regulations imposed on pipeline operators is a top priority. In addition to analyzing your asset integrity management applications, we enable regulatory support compliance by providing comprehensive, systematic plans for continuous improvement.

Process and Organizational Improvements

Using the findings from the existing data, software and processes, we provide an optimized plan for improvement specifically tailored to guide operators through an implementation of an enterprise GIS and related systems. This plan defines the hardware, software and process recommendations needed to realize the full potential of your PIMS investment including future actions and processes

Implementation Planning

The implementation plan includes all activities related to the deployment of a pipeline GIS system; scheduling, data capture, data conversion, application integration, installation environment, training and ongoing maintenance. The plan also addresses hardware, communications, software, and database requirements.

Return on Investment

The results from the needs assessment study give operators a roadmap to meet corporate business objectives, effectively prioritizing how to spend time and money. Returns are realized through workflow efficiency gains, better user access to data, improved data integrity, integration of legacy data, enhanced user functions and new capabilities. The benefits of a needs assessment can potentially save millions of dollars far exceeding the minimal costs of a typical study.

In addition to needs assessment studies, please see our data model consulting offerings. Please contact us for more information on needs assessments.